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Budget and Finance Accountant

Posted Date : 15-08-2013

Location Abu Dhabi
Qualification Degree
Minimum Requirement Bachelor of Commerce or equivalent
Min. Years of relevant experience 5 years of relevant experience
Job descriptions
  • Cordinates with all divisons and departments for collection of data for the purpose of drafting Operating and Capital budget packages . *Assists Senior Budget and Finance Accountant in preparation of Capital and Operating budgets in accordance with the Company Policy *Keeps all the related supporting data of the draft budgets in a logical manner and cross refers the data in order to ensure smooth reviews by the superiors. *Prepares Budget performance reports and generate budget variance analysis reports on periodic basis with reasons for variations for significant variations . *Consolidates inputs received from Divisions and Departments in respect of 5 year Business Plan *Preapres Asset write off requests in cordination with the users divisons/ departments *Performs physical stock taking at year end *Assists user departments/ sections in their day- to-day querries relating to budget prepartion , budget usage and related matters . *Performs other related duties as assigned by the section head
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