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Having quality process in place at SAA EST do more than just see the standard to ensure excellent output of services. We recognized that a good quality process helps set the internal culture of our firm. Quality is one of the most important features of our company, we use quality processes as driving tools for delivering quality services for our clients. We invest time and money in recruiting the best. Quality reflects our work, we aim to do it right the first time. Meeting clients' standards guarantees client loyalty, stronger reputation and growth, hence replicating to our success. Delivering quality services is at the pinnacle of our decision-making.

Management Responsibility Processes
QMS Planning
Client Focus
Risk Management
Management Review
Resource Management Processes
Resource Planning
HR Management
Training and Development
Support Processes
Document Management
Record Management
Manual preparation
Archive Storage
Analysis & Improvement Processes
QA Planning
Client Satisfaction
Corrective & Preventive Action
QA Service & Process Audit
Service Realization Processes
Service Quality Planning
Clients Focus
Design & Development Planning
Recruitment planning & Implementation
Business growth over 20 years...
Quality plays an integral part of our operations, over the years this has reflected on our business Growth. Not only we are confident that we can ensure quality services, we are also equipped with the financial capability which provides security for future manpower supply.
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 Accounting Jobs (1)
 Administrative Coordinator (1)
 Architecture Engineer (1)
 Business Risk Management Team Leader (1)
 Cement Engineer (2)
 Civil Engineering (1)
 Commissioning Engineer (1)
 Construction Manager (1)
 Construction Quality Management Engineer (QA/QC) (1)
 Contract Officer (1)
 Contracts (3)
 Control & Instrumentation (2)
 Corporate Business Compliance Team Leader (2)
 Corrosion Engineer (1)
 Cost Estimation (1)
 Drilling (5)
 Drilling Chemical Fluids Engineer (1)
 Drilling Engineer (Completion & Wireline) (1)
 Drilling Engineer (Contracts) (1)
 Drilling Engineer (Equipment) (1)
 Drilling Workshop Foreman (1)
 Electrical (2)
 Electrical Technician (1)
 Energy Management (2)
 Field Cement Engineer (1)
 Finance (1)
 Foreman Mechanic (1)
 Harbour Master (1)
 Head, HSE & F Section (1)
 Heavy Equipment Operator/Mirror Cleaning Truck Driver (1)
 HSE (4)
 HSE Advisor (1)
 HSE Coordinator (1)
 Human Resources (3)
 Information Technology (4)
 Infrastructure Engineer (1)
 Inspection Engineer (2)
 Inspector (1)
 Instrument Technician (2)
 Internal Auditor (1)
 Landscape Architect (1)
 Manpower Development Advisor (1)
 Marine (6)
 Marine Supervisor (1)
 Mechanical Engineering (3)
 Mechanical Fitter (1)
 Mechanical Supervisor (Utilities) (1)
 Office Administrator (1)
 Offshore Marine Representative (2)
 Oil & Gas (51)
 Operations Petrophysicist (1)
 Petroleum Engineers (1)
 Petrophysicist (1)
 Planning & Scheduling (7)
 Process Plant Operator (1)
 Production Engineering Specialist - Offshore (2)
 Project Control Engineer (1)
 Project Management (5)
 Projects Engineer (1)
 Research Coordinator (1)
 Section Leader (1)
 Senior Production Engineer - Offshore (1)
 Site Planning Engineer (1)
 Support Engineer (1)
 Wire Line Supervisor (1)
 Wireline (1)
 Workshop Mechanic (1)
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